Is it possible that Cocoa is due to bring her pups into the world in just a few short days? If you compare her picture here with her pregnant belly, you can see why I was so amazed at the size Charlie became. lol   Time sure flies when you are watching puppies grow.  I’m so excited to see the pups. This is a bitter sweet event for us as Cocoa is such a terrific mom, it’s a shame to see her skills retired. She adores all puppies, not just her own but I worry that she will become depressed when puppies are born but they aren’t her babies to care for. Makes me teary just thinking about it. Yes,… I am a sap.  I figure Bryan will be taking her to work with him when the weather settles. She adores the car rides and she makes a fantastic travel buddy.  She loves her #1 man: Bryan, and will be the first to enjoy a stop at Starbucks between clients. I wonder if they will give Bryan points for doggy biscuits and a cuppa cold water.  We have already decided that she will join us for our quick Christmas trip to Banff Springs Hotel.

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