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Vintage Toy Box Celebrates – 2 wks!!

These happy pups have just opened their eyes and are busy looking out at the big wide world around them.  Their personalities are really showing through.  So exciting to see them begin to explore more than just Mama.

big jim 2 wks collage 525





Big Jim is already a ham for the camera. I think he may be looking for you, Sandra.  I told him you were going to teach him to kayak on the lake!



monchi 2 wks collaged dsk







Monchi is a real sweetie. Look, he’s waving hello to his new family, the Durochers of Edmonton.  Look at the white hair on his paw pads…Parchment pups for sure.







kewpie 2 wks collage dsk






This sweet girl is very chill and just as precious as can be. She will make a wonderful addition to a loving family.

Congratulations to Madeleine and Eldon of Sherwood Park on the adoption of their baby girl!  Kewpie has a big brother, Max (goldendoodle), waiting at home to show her the ropes.



lincoln 2 wks collage dsk





Lincoln is the last to open up his eyes but he is enjoying the view!











gabby 2 wks collage 525




Gabby is a stunning girl. Super soft coat and I will be dumbfounded if she does not become our second black/silver phantom.  This girl will be up for anything her family wants to do.

Black Tie Affair – 2 wks old and growing!

BTA Icy 2wks collage 760Icy is a natural born model! Look at her posing for the camera.  Those alert bright eyes say it all.

Sateen 2wks collage 760Sateen is silky soft and loving the warm sunlight. She and her sister, Sweet Pea, are vying for the Big Girl title of the litter. A real dolly.

Tiffany 2 wks collage 76-Tiffany is our wee girl of the bunch. She has a face that my grandmother would call ‘cute as a button’!

classy 2 wks collage 760Seriously? How gorgeous is our Classy girl? Simple, elegant and sweet as sugar.

Pashie 2wks collage 760Pashmina, aka Pashie or Two Toes (her hind two middle toes on each foot are white), was a sleepy girl during her first photo shoot. That warm sun was a sweet elixer to her and she had a hard time staying awake…wiggly…thus only 3 good shots to use. The middle pic, she is sleeping!! But awake or sleeping, this girlie is one precious jewel!!

sweet pea 2wks collageOur lady Sweet Pea is a huge cuddle bug!  We can pick her up anytime and cuddle with her. She is such a little lady. (ok…not so little compared to her sisters who can often be found snuggled up to Sweet Pea for their own cuddles.



Vintage Toy Box – arrival Aug 16/13

During the wee early morning hours of August 16, 2013, Cocoa gave birth to five gorgeous puppies. Shortly after midnight, I suggested Bryan make like Linus from the Peanuts Gallery and take his blankie and pillow to the sofa cuz Cocoa was trying to nest in our bed.  Thankfully, Bryan didn’t have appointments until the afternoon of the 16th so we were optimistic he would be able to witness the birth of Cocoa’s final litter.

The first pup was born just before 3am and they were all safely nursing by 6am.  These pups were born during morning chore time which includes breakfast for the gang.  Between the two of us, we got everyone fed and settled and Bryan got the opportunity to assist Cocoa during Gabby’s birth!  This is the first time for Bryan so will be very sentimental that he was able to play a part in the birth of Cocoa’s very last pup.  Cocoa is as thoroughly devoted to this litter as those prior. She is enjoying her babies and we are excited to see them grow.

We noticed a very big coincidence with this litter and her previous litter ‘ Salute to the Duke’. Both litters were 5 pups consisting of 1 black, 1 cream and 3 chocolates!  The genders are not the same but, wow! If you are interested in adopting one of Cocoa’s puppies, please fill out our adoption application and email it to us.  We believe “Monchi” is a parchment and “Gabby” is probably going to be a black/silver phantom like her brother, Licorice (sweet litter): only time will tell.

big jim announcement complete 760Monch announcement 760









Kewpie announcementLincol announcement 760  Gabby announcement 780

Cocoa’s Turn

Is it possible that Cocoa is due to bring her pups into the world in just a few short days? If you compare her picture here with her pregnant belly, you can see why I was so amazed at the size Charlie became. lol   Time sure flies when you are watching puppies grow.  I’m so excited to see the pups. This is a bitter sweet event for us as Cocoa is such a terrific mom, it’s a shame to see her skills retired. She adores all puppies, not just her own but I worry that she will become depressed when puppies are born but they aren’t her babies to care for. Makes me teary just thinking about it. Yes,… I am a sap.  I figure Bryan will be taking her to work with him when the weather settles. She adores the car rides and she makes a fantastic travel buddy.  She loves her #1 man: Bryan, and will be the first to enjoy a stop at Starbucks between clients. I wonder if they will give Bryan points for doggy biscuits and a cuppa cold water.  We have already decided that she will join us for our quick Christmas trip to Banff Springs Hotel.

photo (52)

Growing Like Weeds – BTA

The girls are growing like little weeds!  Sweet Pea and Sateen will certainly break the 1 lb mark today. Tiffany is our itty bitty: still a healthy pup at a healthy growth rate but a petite wee thing.  Here are the girls’ cameos at three days old. [Black Tie Affair]

Black Tie trio 3 days old goodBTA sateen classy icy 3 days 680


After a long night of pre labour, these seven gorgeous ladies entered the world: looking oh so formal in their silky black and white attire, we had to give them a theme to suit their beauty. And what little girl doesn’t love to get dressed up for a special evening?  Mama and pups are doing well. Charlie is enjoying all her special food and taking care of her girlies.  If you are interested in one of these sweet silky soft fleece coated mini girls, please fill out an application and contact us to discuss further. Watch for updated blog entries on these little lovelies as they grow.

ICY birth announcement final

“Icy” is a potential holdback for our breeding program.  We will have to see how she develops in the next few weeks.

Sateen #2 birth announcement“Sateen” is a lovely girl, the biggest in the litter: born at 11.2 oz when her sisters were between 7 oz – 9.8 oz!








Tiffany #3 birth announcement“Tiffany” is a real little dolly.  Just look at that coat shine!








classy birth announcement #4“Classy”  is a little darling.











Pashmina #6 birth announcement

“Pashmina” is adorable with a cutsey wee face.









Sweet Pea #7 birth announcement“Sweet Pea” is a potential holdback for our breeding program. We will wait and see how she develops.





NOTE: Sadly, Morning Smile’s Black Diamond Pendant was lost to us at birth. We will remember her sweet face and diamond marking on her chest. Sweet rest forever, Diamond.

She’s Holding Out

photo (7) Oh, Charlie, my girlie….you are being tricksey, tricksey!  This just goes to show us humans that nature will not be captured on our whim and categorized neatly in our silly little medical texts.

If we count according to her PG results, Charlie was due between Thursday/Friday (1st/2nd Aug). Although there was a 2 hour bout of heavy labor-type breathing…active labor did not ensue.  Today at 7-9pm, once again Charlie was panting heavily and clinging to my side.  I closeted myself with her in our bedroom next to her whelping box and pet her. Then it stopped as quickly as it began. Drat!

If we count according to her mating with Prairie’s Redford, she is due no later than Monday the 5th but I figure tomorrow will be the magic date. Wishful thinking? Probably.  Every girl is different, just like us “2-legs”.  This is our first litter, Charlie and I…I will follow her lead… what choice do I have? lol  But the anticipation is wracking me: I always feel an angst about the labour, hoping my girls have an easy time of it and it is over in a timely fashion: without difficulty. To me, the labor is all about the mother and making sure she is ok.  And then, when the pups start coming… OH!  It’s surreal, no matter how many times I witness it. Each little bundle, a miracle in itself. And my guilty pleasure?… seeing the colors. It’s better than Christmas!

Off to bed to get some rest. Charlie sleeps peacefully next to me. (1:43 am Aug 4/13)

Comedy Hour at the Vet’s Office

Oh, boy!  It is so refreshing to have a vet with a sense of humor! We took Charlie in for her ultrasound but at the last minute, decided instead to do a radio-graph.  For those of you who are not familiar with the term, a radio-graph is an x-ray.  It is more accurate than an ultrasound when attempting to determine the number of puppies.


So there we were, Bryan, Charlie & I, waiting for the film to develop when Dr. Anwar comes in with a grave look on his face. He puts the film up, I peer at the classic back-lit grey and white image to see…nothing. No little skeletons on the film as I expected.

Dr. Anwar: “So…there is nothing here.  Just gas bubbles.”
Me: “What?”
Dr. Anwar:  “Yeah…no puppies.”

My mind is reeling at this point – How come she’s so huge? This isn’t my first rodeo. I know what a bitch in whelp looks like. I felt the pups move. How could this be?  Then it clicked…my vet was pulling a fast one on me!  I’m sure the clients in the waiting room thought we were having a party when they heard the raucous laughter coming from our treatment room.  I rewarded my vet with a playful punch to the arm.  What a stinker!  I’m still laughing about it as I write this post.  I have to admit that we deserved the prank as we are constantly joking with the staff and doctors at the clinic.

It is bizarre to see an x-ray that disputes your every known fact.  My brain was sounding warning bells and whistles… shouting in loud-speaker fashion: “Does not compute. Does not compute.”   This was an event worthy of blog sharing for sure!

So here is the reality: Charlie’s actual film shows 6 puppies.  I wont be surprised if there is an extra one or two hiding in there but the film was clear so it is likely 6.  If you are interested in one of Charlie’s pups, please visit our ADOPT A PUPPY page to download the forms you will need.

In the meantime, Charlie is loving her comfy whelping pool and continues to receive extra doses of affection and those comforting belly rubs she so adores. As for Dr. Anwar and his co-hort, Vanessa….good one guys, good one!  You deserve an award for being able to keep a straight face!  lol

charlie collage 2013 july
1) Charlie helps mom stretch her sore back.
2) Sweet faced Charlie                   3)  I`m not fat. I`m preggers      4)  Oh, yeah…luv me some belly rubs.


[Charlie  radiograph puppies prank comedy hour vet]

Mounting Anticipation

photo (62)I don’t know if I have mentioned it or not, but I am a new grandmother: a Meemaw….to a human! lol  My granddaughter was born in June of this year and I am tickled pink with her.  Is there anything more thrilling than holding that new life in your arms? Well…no, but newborn puppies are a firm second.

I was sitting on the sofa this evening with Cocoa and Charlie cuddled up with me.  As I gently stroked Charlie’s belly, I felt her wee babes rolling, kicking and stretching inside her swollen belly.  I just love that feeling.  Charlie was in that quiet place between awake and sleep, opening her eyes only when I stopped petting her.  She’s a real sucker for a belly rub.

Tomorrow, shphoto (68)e will be going in to see the vet for a pre-delivery check up and an ultrasound. While the ultrasounds do not serve as truly accurate devises for head counts, they do show active pups and we can generally get a close estimate.  Charlie is quite large so I would like to make certain we are not dealing with large puppies. Regardless, our vet goes on 24 hr notice and will meet us at the clinic should medical assistance be required.  ALs are easy whelpers for the most part but any dog can succumb to difficulties and I like to be prepared.

I spent the day shopping for last minute necessities and supplies for the delivery. I also set up her little whelping pool (love those things!) right next to my bed.  I really don’t know if I will be able to sleep tonight as I am so excited to see the babies on the ultrasound.  They are just so darn cute!!

Until Tomorrow…

Charlie’s Due Date Draweth Nigh

Well, here I am: 11:32 pm on hump day – July 24/13.  Charlie is lying at my feet on the cool kitchen tiles, her belly bulging with growing pups.  She especially loves her belly rubs now and I’m able to detect slight movement.  I will never become accustomed to the miracle of pregnancy and birth.

photo (7)

I thought I would write a brief update before I call it a day.  It has been a long few weeks as I race against the clock to launch our new website. A lot of work but worth the effort.

Charlie is due on the 1st or 2nd of August and my excitement is growing along with her belly!  She is such a sweet girl and this next week will be one of providing her with extra special attention and affection: they become a bit clingy as their date approaches.  We have things ready for her big day and I continue to keep her and the puppies in my prayers: health, wellness and an easy go of it for Charlie is what I ask.

We have decided on a theme for the litter names but will keep it a secret until delivery is complete and all are settled and well.  If you are interested in a puppy from Charlie and Redford’s mini litter, please see Adopt A Puppy to download the application for adoption forms. As always, feel free to call me with any questions you may have.  I am always up for doodle talk.


Charlie pregnancy Aug 2013