BTA Icy 2wks collage 760Icy is a natural born model! Look at her posing for the camera.  Those alert bright eyes say it all.

Sateen 2wks collage 760Sateen is silky soft and loving the warm sunlight. She and her sister, Sweet Pea, are vying for the Big Girl title of the litter. A real dolly.

Tiffany 2 wks collage 76-Tiffany is our wee girl of the bunch. She has a face that my grandmother would call ‘cute as a button’!

classy 2 wks collage 760Seriously? How gorgeous is our Classy girl? Simple, elegant and sweet as sugar.

Pashie 2wks collage 760Pashmina, aka Pashie or Two Toes (her hind two middle toes on each foot are white), was a sleepy girl during her first photo shoot. That warm sun was a sweet elixer to her and she had a hard time staying awake…wiggly…thus only 3 good shots to use. The middle pic, she is sleeping!! But awake or sleeping, this girlie is one precious jewel!!

sweet pea 2wks collageOur lady Sweet Pea is a huge cuddle bug!  We can pick her up anytime and cuddle with her. She is such a little lady. (ok…not so little compared to her sisters who can often be found snuggled up to Sweet Pea for their own cuddles.