¬†Corbin is a handsome boy and my SIL ain’t bad either

Corbin is a standard sized AL with a soft sprung wool coat.  He carries for all colors and throws gorgeous pups.  He shows the sweetness that is inherent in ALs and we are thankful to Gemstone Labradoodles for the opportunity to add Corbin to our breeding program. He has been a wonderful addition to our family.

Corbin is such a clown, a gentle giant with puppies and adores children. He can often be found at he pet stores on the weekend to get his ‘kid fix’: standing still as a statue as they explore his luscious coat. ¬†He is often called Mr. Poof head, Corbie Adorbie, Muppet Boy and many more. ¬†In this photo Corbin sports a 5″ coat. ¬†He adores his groomer so it was a viable experiment for us. I can say that he did in truth stop traffic with this look. ¬†He’s 25″ tall and 67lbs…wouldn’t you stop!

We have a local police officer who makes a special trip to the groomers when Corbin goes in for his bath/brush/cut just to say “hi”. ¬† Corbin was trimmed into an entirely different cut a few weeks after this picture was taken as the weather warmed and it was too hot to bear. ¬†With Corbin’s coat, we are able to have loads of fun with his looks and will be posting pics of his different looks in future.

If you like Corbin’s look, be prepared for extreme grooming costs as this is not a look that can be maintained at home easily. ¬†He was at the groomers every 10 days for a bath and brush for the 12 weeks he wore the ‘doo’. ¬†He didn’t mind, though, because Shea always treats him with extra special care (and she ¬†lets him shop for treats off the shelves while he’s there, but don’t tell anyone I told you so).

[Most curly and wool coated ALs are kept in a puppy cut that allows for easy brush ups after hiking trips, visits to the lake and outdoor fun in general. ¬†All our pups are brushed from an early age and continue to enjoy being brushed. A puppy cut is less costly at the groomers than a ‘show’ cut and, if maintained between grooming visits, can minimize your grooming trips to 4/year.]

Most of Corbin’s pups are curly and wool coated. ¬†This is a fantastic coat for those with allergies as the tight curl serves as a layer of insulation that effectively prevents allergens from escaping into the air. ¬†I have had great success with my wool and curly coated pups living in homes with allergy sufferers who report no adverse symptoms from the dog’s presence. ¬†If you would like to meet Corbin to test your allergic reactions, please feel free to contact me. We are happy to arrange a meet and greet with our amazing boy.

Corbin is available for stud services to approved bitches via live coverage and fresh chill.

STATS:       Gemstone Da Vinci    aka: Corbin
DOB:            June 22, 2009
SIRE:         US Washington Titan
DAM: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Gemstone’s Opal
BREED:    Australian Labradoodle
COLOR:     Apricot
COAT:         Wool
SIZE: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Standard – 25″ ¬† ¬† 67lbs
HEALTH SCORES:  BVA 3 , Elbows -0, CERF -clear, PRA Рclear through parentage