big jake portraitShelly, Dale & Levi
Rynite (aka Big Jake – Salute to the Duke 2013)

Morning Smile Labradoodles is awesome. Twilla was excellent to deal with from the time we reserved our puppy right up to the day we picked him up. She is very knowledgeable about the breed and all aspects of raising and training a dog. We couldn’t be any happier with our pet, “Rynite”  (MS’s Big Jake) and are always proud to say we have the real Australian Labradoodle.  Our dog has a wonderful disposition, beautiful coat and the nicest personality.  I would not hesitate to recommend Morning Smile Labradoodles to anyone looking for a great “best friend”!



photo (63)Dane & Christy (Saskatchewan)
Bishop (MS’s White Nougat Toblerone)  is doing great. He is, by far, the best thing that has happened to our little family and he always greets us with warm hugs and smiles when we wake up.  He is super healthy, is 25″ tall and weighs around 50 lbs.  He has a friend that comes to play almost every day and they would spend hours running and wrestling if we let them.  Snow here is finally starting to melt so soon we can go for longer walks. He finished two levels of puppy training and we are waiting to  see what kind of summer programs  he and I can do during my summer break. He is so intelligent and kind but most of all, extremely friendly to everyone.  Here is a collage of his growth that Christy made. Yes…he is wearing a sweater with a crab on it for our “ugly sweater party”. Thanks so much for bringing this not-so-little dude into our lives.



Tessa collage

Rachel Beaudoin (Sherwood Park)


Tessa (2011)

From the moment I met Tessa (my Australian Labradoodle) I fell in love with her.  There was an instant connection between the two of us and I knew she was the dog for me.  Being a broke student at the time I was unable to afford her however Twilla was good enough to set up a payment plan for me.  Being considered part of the family has its benefits.  I couldn’t imagine life without my big curly coated sweetheart. (And I mean big, she’s 27 and a half inches tall!  An anomaly in the breed to be sure!) There’s something to be said in having confidence in your dogs calm temperament and happy go lucky attitude.  My friendly and respectful girl can come anywhere with me and loves to meet new friends and visit new places.  What a blessing she has been for me.  Whether it’s playing fetch or snuggling under the covers with me when I sleep in, Tessa is up for just about anything and continues to be my loving canine companion.  With impending nuptials next year my fiancé and I plan to get another Australian Labradoodle from Twilla to complete our little family cuz Phil needs a son. lol  Can you really ever get just one?  


jasper collageAngie, Ken, Noah and Nathan Depner  (Edmonton, Alberta – July 2013)

Jasper (aka MS’s Black Licorice Snap – Sweet Litter 2012)

We picked up Jasper back in October 2012 from Twilla. He was 5 months old at the time and there was just an immediate bond. I really appreciated how Twilla set up our first meeting with him. I could tell by the questions she was asking that she loves her dogs and wants to make sure they are going to the right home. It was also quite easy when we brought him home as Twilla had already crate trained him, started on house training and done some leash work as well. Great for us to have a head start! He was mostly black and super fluffy. We were told he had phantom coloring which morphed him into a beautiful silver/black colour. There is not an outing that people don’t comment on his colour, ask what type of dog he is and want to pet him. His personality and look make it almost impossible for people not to touch him. It’s almost like he has celebrity status! There is something very friendly and inviting about him. Even for those scared of dogs, he has won them over as well.

It’s 10 months later as I write this and he remains a confident, sweet and playful dog. We are still shocked at his size (we had a chihuahua before) but are amazed at his quiet presence in the house. He rarely barks and understands how to gauge his level of play with kids and adults. Something else that stands out is how socially smart he is with other dogs. Jasper is super social! He loves to greet every dog but only engages those in play who are kindred souls. The funniest thing to watch is how he plays with very small breeds. He is super gentle and let’s them stand up to paw at his face to put them on equal ground. He has been quite easy to train and is doing well on walks. He has taken up running with my husband on a bungee type leash. At 25.5″ tall with a 7′ stride on his long legs – it’s  barely a work out for him.

Thanks Twilla for this amazing dog and for your continued support. I appreciate you taking the time to answer questions and lend advice as we continue to raise Jasper. It’s also great being able to board him with you when we travel! We know he is in good hands.

Angie, Ken, Noah and Nathan Depner – Edmonton, Alberta – July 2013